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Georgetown Should Play In The BB&T Classic

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Every year since the BB&T Classic was founded in 1995, the Maryland Terrapins and George Washington Colonials have each participated. Since the event expanded by adding a third game in 2005, additional local teams have had the chance to play. Virginia Tech, VCU, George Mason, American and Navy have all participated.

But there's still one local university that has never once been a part of the BB&T Classic. The Georgetown Hoyas. The event is even held at their home court of the Verizon Center. So what is stopping them from joining in the fun?

We would love to see the BB&T Classic expanded even further. How about a complete eight-team tournament with nothing but local teams spanning a three-day weekend?

Famed author and tournament organizer John Feinstein hinted on the Tony Kornheiser Show last week that Georgetown has been invited to participate in past years, but has always declined. Why? What, are they afraid of losing to Maryland? Perhaps Feinstein's frequent criticism of former Hoya coach John Thompson Jr. may have prevented Georgetown from involving itself in the past, but we feel that it's time to put that aside.

C'mon Georgetown. You've been the class of college basketball in the D.C. area for several years now. It's time to put your money where your mouth is. Afterall, the BB&T Classic benefits the Children's Charities Foundation. Let's make this happen in 2011.