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St. John's Sean Evans Shoves Georgetown's John Caprio In Closing Seconds



It was a frustrating night for St. John's against a well-rested Georgetown team that desperately needed a big win for their confidence. The Red Storm saw a relatively close game slip away in the second half, and they ended up losing 77-52. Throw in the fact that they would have to deal with the downpouring of snow on the way out, and it was an all-around frustrating night.


It all reached a head in the closing seconds. Georgetown reserve John Caprio, who entered the game because it had reached blowout status, decided he really wanted to get a basket in the closing seconds. That didn't seem to amuse Sean Evans, and he decided to do something about it. As Caprio rolled down the lane, Evans took two hands and shoved him in the back.


Maybe Evans just wanted to prolong being inside the Verizon Center and not outside in the snow. If so, I can't blame him. Otherwise? Yeah, that was pretty uncool.