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John Thompson Jr. To End Radio Program With ESPN 980, He Announces

John Thompson Jr. has announced that he will be leaving his ESPN 980 radio program in February of 2012.

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John Thompson Jr., the legendary former Georgetown basketball coach that became a sports icon in Washington D.C., has had a radio program on ESPN 980 for 13 years since retiring as a coach. In February, though, that program will end. Thompson announced on the air that he will be leaving "The John Thompson Show" then.

Via the ESPN 980 Twitter:

John Thompson just announced on his radio show that he will end the John Thompson Show at the end of Feb 2012. 

Thompson did not say he was retiring, announcing that he will explore further opportunities and continue his work with Westwood and Turner. He said he will have more to say about his future in January.

Thompson's show has aired on ESPN 980 on weekday afternoons in several different time slots during its 13-year history. Most recently, he has worked with former Washington Redskins great Doc Walker on the air.