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Chris Wright Undergoes Hand Surgery, Expected To Return This Season

Georgetown Hoyas guard Chris Wright broke his hand in the game against Cincinnati last night, and at the time, we didn't know too much about the severity of the injury or a timetable for his return. Things have become a little more clear. Tarik El-Bashir is reporting that Chris Wright has undergone surgery on his hand, but might return earlier than some have been speculating.

#Hoyas Chris Wright had surgery to repair third metacarpal on left (non-shooting) hand this am. Team expects his return this season.

The fact that it is on his non-shooting hand makes a pretty big difference in this case. It may mean that Wright is able to play a little bit sooner, because his left hand will not undergo nearly as much stress over the course of a game as his right hand does. But because he handles the ball with both, it will still be subject to some potential hits when he gets back. El-Bashir also reports that Hoyas coach John Thompson III echoes the expectations that Wright will be back before the end of the season.

JTIII on CW4: "Our medical staff is optimistic not have exact timetable ...[but] we expect to have Chris back before end of season."

Things are looking pretty good that he could get back, but who knows how the injury might affect him when he does return.