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Georgetown Vs. Providence: Hoyas Survive Big Scare, Beat Friars 83-81

The Georgetown Hoyas pulled out a thrilling win at home against the Providence Friars 83-81.

We could go through what happened play for play in the second half, but it's quite clear what stood out in this game. The game's top story was easily Friars guard Marshon Brooks, who simply took over the game, scoring a career high 43 points on the Hoyas. He was able to keep his team in the game the entire way,despite the Friars looking like they were out of it. The Hoyas had a 16 point lead early in the second half and it looked like they were going to run away with the game, but Brooks kept scoring and scoring, and eventually closed the lead back to single digits.

In the final frantic moments of the game, it was Brooks again who came up huge. With the Friars trailing by three and less than twenty seconds left in the game, Brooks score on a quick layup to cut the Hoya lead to just one. After Chris Wright was quickly fouled, he was only able to hie one of his two free throws, giving the Hoyas just a two point lead with Brooks getting one last shot to tie or win the game for the Friars.

But it was not to be. Brooks was double teamed at mid court by Austin Freeman and Chris Wright, and that forced him to lose his handle on the ball, which slipped behind him, and then the clock went to triple zero's. Game over. Hoyas win. 

Although it was not the prettiest win for the Hoyas, it's still an important win. They have continued their stretch of good play in the Big East and have now won six in a row. They are in 7-4 in the Big East, and will look to earn their 8th conference win when they travel to Syracuse for a huge match up with the Orange.