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Georgetown Vs. Syracuse: A Rivalry Renewed, Thanks To Groupon

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The rivalry between the Georgetown Hoyas and Syracuse Orange is not one that needs any more fuel added to the fire. But thanks to Groupon, a website that specializes in discounts, a bit more of proverbial kerosene has been sprayed onto Wednesday's game.

Groupon is currently running a special where fans can buy discounted tickets to Georgetown's February 23 game against the Cincinnati Bearcats, a deal that Ted Leonsis loves (which shouldn't come as a surprise considering that Leonsis is on Groupon's Board of Directors). Georgetown's methods of selling tickets got SB Nation's Syracuse blog, Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, a bit perturbed. The blog had already harped on the fact that Georgetown had tried restricting tickets to non-Hoyas fans (which should also not come as a surprise, since Leonsis coincidentally did such a thing with the Capitals).

Despite all of the Groupon griping, the annual bet between SB Nation's Georgetown-centric blog, Casual Hoya, and another pro-Syracuse blog, Hoya Suxa, is a go.

  • If Georgetown wins, HoyaSuxa will publish five Daily Affirmations in support of Georgetown or against Syracuse in the days leading up to the Saturday Syracuse Showdown on February 26th. 
  • If Syracuse wins, HoyaSuxa gets to write the Casual Awards after Wednesday's game.  I won't read them because I will likely be dead from the shots of Kerosene ingested the night before.

Wednesday's game just got a whole lot more interesting. But in case you were wondering, Georgetown has its own ideas on how to attract Orange fans to games.