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VIDEO: Kemba Walker's Buzzer Beater To Beat Pittsburgh In Big East Tournament

The first real marquee matchup of the 2011 Big East Tournament was Connecticut vs. Pittsburgh, and it absolutely lived up to expectations. Connecticut upset Pittsburgh 76-74 on an incredible Kemba Walker buzzer beater. I could go on and one about Walker's game-winner, or I could just show you the video, via @bubbaprog.

Walker has now hit six "game-winning" shots to put his team ahead for good late in the game. He has been the most clutch player all year, and he showed it again on Thursday. Everyone knew that he was going to get the final shot, including the Pittsburgh defense, and he still rose up and hit it.

We have to question Pittsburgh's defensive strategy on this play. They are notorious for switching on picks, and being unwilling to change that approach regardless of situation. Jim Calhoun knew that and drew up a play that would force Pitt to put a bad matchup for Walker on him for the last shot. But all the credit still goes to Walker for hitting it.