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Big East Tournament 2011 Bracket And Schedule For Semifinal Action

Well, the 2011 Big East Tournament has certainly lived up to it's lofty billing. Not every game has been one to remember, but we still have two days left and we've already had out fair share of late game drama. First it was the end of the St. John's - Rutgers game that wasn't really the end of the game, then it was Kemba Walker rising up and single-handily striking down the entire City of Pittsburgh. If the first three days are any indication, the last two should be pretty fun to watch. But we have to play the Semi's first before we can worry about the finals. Here is today's schedule.

UConn Vs. Syracuse, 7, ESPN: The biggest issue the Huskies will face in this game is fatigue, both physically and emotionally. This will be their fourth game in a row, so one would expect them to be running on fumes a little bit. And they have to somehow put that incredible win over Pitt behind them. Syracuse looked pretty average against St. John's. So if UConn can keep their momentum and their energy up, I really like their chances.

Louisville Vs. Notre Dame, 9, ESPN: Notre Dame is a lot like the Duke teams of recent years. If their three point shot is falling, you might as well not even be on the court trying to stop them. If they aren't having a good shooting night, then they are vulnerable. Louisville has a few guys that can fill it up from the outside as well. This one should be a shootout.

We'll be updating this stream with all the scores and reaction from these games as they happen.