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Bracketology 2011: Georgetown, George Mason lead Four Local Teams In Latest Tournament Projections

The guys over at SB Nation have been covering 2011 Bracketology on a day-to-day basis, because it fluctuates more violently and frequently than almost anything else in sports. Nearly every game that happens during these conference tournaments has an impact on the tournament field, and there are about 40 games played each day. They update it every day, but they wouldn't be totally unjustified if they chose to update it every hour. As of right now, they have four local teams as part of their latest tournament projections. Here is where they stand.

Despite losing to UConn in their first game in the Big East Tournament, and looked pretty bad in the process, Georgetown is still a No. 7 seed in the latest bracketology projections. They've fallen pretty far from their highest point this season, but things could be much worse considering how the season finished out. It all depends, of course, on how Chris Wright is able to play. In this latest projection, they would face Michigan.

George Mason is still an No. 8 seed, but their matchup just got a lot more interesting. Marquette has made it into the tournament with a few wins in the Big East Tournament, and that is who Mason is currently slated to play. Marquette would be the 11th and final team in the tournament. It would be interesting to see how Mason, arguably the best team in their conference, stacks up against the 11th best team from the Big East.

Virginia Tech probably got into the tournament with their win yesterday, but if they look really bad in their game against Florida State, they could be forced out by a surprise automatic qualifier. As of now, they are a No. 12 seed and are scheduled to play Texas A&M in the first round.

Richmond is probably in the tournament as well, but they have a chance to bolster their resume as well. They can make their inclusion a lock if they are able to win at least one more game in the A-10 tournament, particularly if they are able to upend one of the ranked teams in the bracket. Right now, they are also a No. 12 seed and slated to play St. John's.

If current trends continue, then at least one of those No. 12 seeds from the area has a good chance to upset the five seed they are playing. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. We'll keep you posted about the latest bracketology news as it evolves, right up until selection Sunday.