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Big East Tournament 2011: UCONN Leads Syracuse, 26-25, At Halftime

Gerry McNamara is logging in from a Dutch "internet cafe" right now and smiling down on this tightly-played Big East Semifinal match-up. The big stage of Madison Square Garden has once again provided a stellar game between Syracuse and Connecticut in the 2011 Big East Tournament. In what has been otherwise known as the Kemba Walker Invitational, Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph have kept the Orange within one at the half, as UCONN leads 26-25.

Walker has chosen to only score 10 of his team's 26 points to this juncture, but I assure you that will change shortly. UConn's offense has been bolstered by the surprising play of freshman Tyler Olander, who contributed seven points and four boards in the first half to the Huskies' effort.

Syracuse is down just one despite he fact that it also couldn't hit the broad side of a bran. Both teams shot less than 28% percent in the first half. Let's saves ome chickens in half two, fellas.