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Big East Tournament 2011: Notre Dame Leads Louisville, 46-32

In the "Who Want to Lose to Kemba Walker" Bowl, Notre Dame quickly raised a hand, shooting 57 percent percent from the field to lead the Louisville Cardinals 46-32 in the first half of tonight's 2011 Big East Tournament semifinal matchup.  The Irish have been uber efficient in the first half, making 17 of 30 two point field goals and five of eleven three point attempts while holding Louisville to just 38 percent shooting.

Unheralded senior guard Scott Martin led Notre Dame in the first half with 13 points and four rebounds, while Proactive candidate and all-around lunchpail guy Tim Abromaitis chipped in with 12 points, two boards and two assists for the Irish.

No easy Rick Pitino jokes here, other than to say his team needs to get out of the gate quick in the second half if they want to repeat last year's run to he Big East Final.