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Selection Sunday 2011: Could Virginia Commonwealth Make The NCAA Tournament?

As the 2011 Selection Sunday show approaches, there remains an outside chance that Virginia Commonwealth somehow sneaks into the field as an at-large team. We've talked about Virginia Tech extensively, but at this point, the Rams too cannot be counted out of the latest bracketology predictions.

If you take a look at VCU's resume, as we did last week, it actually isn't that bad. The Rams have a number of bad losses, but they also defeated UCLA, Wichita State, George Mason and Old Dominion during the season. They went all the way to the CAA Tournament final, playing Old Dominion competitively before losing. The RPI is fairly solid, or at least better than many other bubble teams. So, it's not inconceivable by any means.

VCU was also helped by Richmond's win over Dayton in the Atlantic 10 Tournament final. The bubble remains pretty firm, since Dayton did not steal a bid from anyone. If that helps Virginia Tech, it also helps VCU.

As we go down to the wire, it's worth asking: is Virginia Commonwealth actually more deserving of a bid than Virginia Tech?