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2011 NCAA Tournament: Updated Printable Bracket That Includes First-Four Winners

Now that the first four games are out of the way, the 2011 NCAA Tournament can officially get underway. The NCAA is calling this the second round, but I think everyone is going to think about this one as the first round. We have a shiny new printable bracket for you that reflects the results of the first four games that have been played over the last two days.

You can download the new bracket from SB Nation here. Here is what they had to say about our VCU team earning their tournament stripes against USC.

The Trojans came in as an easy favorite, but face-planted in the final First Four game of the year. But in an absolute snoozer, VCU pulled away in the second half to secure 13-point win. USC never got on track offensively, shooting 39.5 percent from the field and connecting just once from beyond the arc. That's not to say VCU was much better, though. In fact, the Rams were worse. VCU shot 33.9 percent from the field, but hit 9-24 three-pointers as the Rams found the range, leaving USC in the dust. VCU moves on Georgetown in the second round.*

*No, I'm not getting used to calling the round of 64 the "second round." It's still the first round to most of America.