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NCAA Tournament: Chris Wright To Return For Georgetown Without Restrictions

Georgetown point guard Chris Wright missed the last handful of games for Georgetown with a broken hand, and over that time the Hoyas did not look very good. But Wright is ready to return, and he should provide a big boost in Georgetown's second round game of the NCAA Tournament against VCU.

It's been over a week since Georgetown played their last game, and in that time Wright had the opportunity to let his hand completely heal. According to Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times, Wright will have no restrictions on him when he returns to the lineup today.

“Nothing is restricted or anything,” Wright said. “My teammates came up to me and said, ‘You look fine, you played fine.’ I wasn’t favoring it or anything. So, I feel good.”

Coach John Thompson III knows exactly how much Wright's return will mean for the Hoyas, but he also realizes that he can't singe handily win the game for them.

“Are we a different team, are we a better team with Chris back? Yes,” Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. “But everyone has to do their job. It’s not just like, OK, you plop Chris into the equation so that means it’s going to be smooth sailing.”

The Hoyas looked disorganized without their leader and floor general. It will be interesting to see how quickly he is able to restore some order to the Georgetown offense.

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