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NCAA Tournament Update: VCU Leads Georgetown 35-24 At Halftime

Despite hitting an obvious offensive wall as the first half came to a close, the No. 11 seeded VCU Rams lead the No. 6 seeded Georgetown Hoyas 35-24 at the half of this NCAA Tournament game. The Rams lead can be directly attributed to the differential in made three point shots - Six of 12 shooting for VCU; just one of 12 shooting for the Hoyas.  

VCU has excelled of course behind the arc, but also because of a balanced attack spearheaded by the three-headed monster of Joey Rodriguez  (eight points, three assists, two rebounds), Jamie Skeen (eight points, two rebounds) and Brandon Rozell (nine points on three of five shooting from behind the arc).

Hollis Thompson has lead the Hoyas with 10 points, and Chris Wright has contribute six points and three assist in his much-anticipated return to action.

It will be interesting to see what halftime adjustments John Thompson III makes against a VCU defense that obviously has his team off-kilter. One thing I do know ... VCU is and always was a tournament-quality team. Too bad the talking heads in Bristol never bothered to notice.