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Georgetown Vs. VCU: Julian Vaughn Scores First Field Goal Since February

It hasn't been a good first half for Georgetown in its NCAA Tournament game against Virginia Commonwealth, but at least the Hoyas can say they have already done something they have not done in nearly a month. They finally got Julian Vaughn off.


With five minutes and five seconds to go in the first half, Vaughn grabbed a loose ball and jammed a layup off the board and into the hoop to cut VCU's lead to 27-21. A mostly unremarkable play that was made unremarkable because it was Vaughn's first field goal in a month. Sorry, let me say that again. It was Julian Vaughn's first made field goal in over a month.


Don't believe me? Check the game logs. Vaughn's last field goal came on February 23 in the loss to Cincinnati. Since then, Vaughn went 0-3 against Syracuse, 0-4 in the rematch vs. Cincinnati and 0-2 in the Big East Tournament loss to Connecticut. He also went 1-9 in the February 23 game, scoring his only hoop with 13:23 left to go in the first half. That's the equivalent of seven full halves between made field goals. 


Congrats, Julian. Now, go win the game.