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NCAA Tournament Update: VCU Leads Georgetown 54-36 Midway Through Second Half

The No. 6 seed Rams have continued to put the heat on the No. 11 seed Hoyas midway through the second half. And by "heat" I mean "make every three point shot they see". OK, I'm being kind - VCU is absolutely hammering Georgetown right now.

The Rams are an unholy 11 of 19 from three point land midway through half two, and frankly are showing very few signs of letting up. Brandon Rozzell has led the way, making five of nine threes on the game for 17 total points. Joey Rodriguez and Bradford Burgess have chipped in 12 and 11 points, respectively.

Georgetown has simply had no answers in half two. The Hoyas have turned the ball over 14 times and made only one of 14 three point attempts.

Without a major momentum shift and/or gameplan change, Georgetown is looking at a first round exit for the 2011 NCCA Tournament.