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NCAA Bracket 2011: Updated Printable Bracket For Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 of the 2011 NCAA Tournament is set. You can get an updated printable Sweet 16 Bracket here. Let's check out each of the eight matchups in the next round.


West: No. 3 UCONN Vs. No. 2 San Diego St.: The Aztecs have a little bit of an advantage in this one because the game will be played in Anaheim, so they might have a homecourt advantage. Then again, the Huskies have Kemba Walker, so that might just even out.

Southeast: No. 3 BYU Vs. No. 2 Florida: Jimmer time! If you listen to the commentators in this one, you might think that he's the only player on the court.

West: No. 5 Arizona Vs. No. 1 Duke: Duke is extremely strong and balanced, but I'm not sure they have anyone who can cover Arizona's Derrick Williams one-on-one.

Southeast: No. 8 Butler Vs. No. 4 Wisconsin: I wouldn't want to face Butler this time of year. They might not look like the team that got to the National Championship game last year, but they will be just as tough an out.


East: No. 11 Marquette Vs. No. 3 Marquette: I guess it's surprising that one of the two Big East teams left in the field was the last one to make it as an at-large. But Marquette plays as hard as anyone, and they will be a tough matchup for the Tar Heels.

Southwest: No. 12 Richmond Vs. No. 1 Kansas: The Spiders are the lowest seeded team to make it to the Sweet 16. Their prize? A matchup with the Jayhawks, who might be the tournament favorites. Hooray....

East: No. 4 Kentucky Vs. No. 1 Ohio St.: The upsets are nice and all, but this is the kind of game that the NCAA Tournament is really about. Two great programs meeting with a lot on the line. This should be a good one.

Southwest: No. 11 Vs. No. 10 Florida St.: Is this game even in the same tournament as the last one we mentioned? Two double digit seeds playing for the right to continue wearing that slipper.