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2011 NCAA Tournament: Will We See Any Sweet Sixteen Upsets Tonight?

The 2011 NCAA Tournament starts back up again tonight with four games featuring some of the best players in the Country. The first night of the Sweet Sixteen should be a good one because Butler is the lowest seeded team, and we all know what they are capable of. There shouldn't be any blowouts tonight, but will there be any upsets?

Kevin Berger has been previewing the day's action at SB Nation, and he does not believe there will be an upset in the West regional games.

You won't have one in the Duke game unless the Wildcats can somehow stay in front of Smith, Irving, and Dawkins.  Arizona gave up 21 second half points to Texas' enigmatic J'Covan Brown and he's not quite the same caliber as Smith and Irving.

He doesn't mention UConn Vs. San Diego St. because I don't think that one would be an upset either way. Would anyone really be shocked if Kemba Walker led the lower seeded Huskies to a win over the Aztecs? As for the Southwest regional, that might be a different story.

We've already seen plenty in the wild upsets in the Southwest region. When the seedings first came out, this one looked like a potential train wreck and this portion of your bracket is likely covered in red. It looked like any one of eight teams had a chance to make the run to Houston, and there are still four legit ones left. BYU would be an upset in seeding only because the Cougars are just as talented as the boys from Gainesville. I'd be surprised if the Butler vs. Wisconsin game was anything less than a 40 minute prize fight so either way it won't be an upset.