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2011 NCAA Tournament: Players To Watch In Tonight's Sweet Sixteen Games

The Sweet Sixteen of the 2011 NCAA Tournament gets underway tonight with four Regional semi-finals. Those games will feature some of the most talented Players in the Country. We're going to go team-by-team and pick eight players that you should be keeping an eye on tonight.

UCONN Vs. San Diego St.

UConn: Kemba Walker has proved all season long that he is capable of taking over games all by himself. He might be the quickest player in the Country and has added a reliable jump shot to his repertoire this year. He'll get some help from his young teammates, but the Huskies will only go as far as Walker will take them.

SDSU: Kawhi Leonard might have flown under the radar in recruiting, but he is a household name now. Even from the small forward position, he is one of the best rebounders in the Nation. He's a Gerald Wallace type player for the Aztecs, and should be a lottery pick in the upcoming draft.

BYU Vs. Florida

BYU: I don't think I could keep you from watching Jimmer Fredette even if I tried. There are other good players on this team as well (namely Jackson Emery) but Fredette will inevitably steal the show tonight. The range he has on his jump shot, and his willingness to use it, make every possession exciting.

Florida: Chandler Parsons was the SEC player of the year, but I'm going to go with Irving Walker. He's really small, and plays with the chip on his shoulder you would expect from somebody his size. He showed in the last game against UCLA that he wasn't afraid to take, and make, big shots either.

Duke Vs. Arizona

Duke: Kyrie Irving is still shaking the rust off from his injury, but he can still be a force for the Blue Devils. He's one to watch because when he is healthy, Duke's chances of winning increase dramatically. He might not be the best player on the court tonight or moving forward, but he could be the most important.

Arizona: Derrick Williams is the obvious one here, and he'll get plenty of attention I'm sure, but I'm going with "Momo" Jones. The Wildcats will need to get Williams some help if they want to win the game tonight, and I think Jones is the most likely candidate to provide that.

Wisconsin Vs. Butler

Wisconsin: Jon Leuer leads the team in both scoring and rebounding, but I think Jordan Taylor will be extremely important if they want to win tonight. He was huge in their win over Ohio St. earlier in the year, and I think that he will have to make an impact if the Badgers want to advance.

Butler: Take your pick, Matt Howard or Shelvin Mack. Howard will patrol the paint and score consistently for the Bulldogs. But Mack can catch fire at any moment and could put up 30 tonight. If Butler is going to keep winning, they will need contributions from both of these guys.