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Bracketology: Four Local Teams Included In Latest Tournament Projection

For a while there early in the season, it looked like the D.C. region would only send one team to the Big Dance in March. Georgetown was a lock, but there wasn't another team that was a definite inclusion. And one could argue that Maryland was actually the team with the best shot among those trying to earn a spot. O, how things have changed.

Now that tournament time is almost here, there are four teams that are considered near locks for the tournament from the D.C. region. Things could of course change in the conference tournament, but as of right now, this is how they stand according to SB Nation's most recent Bracketology update..

Georgetown is still in, but between Chris Wright's injury and some recent struggles, they have dropped down to a No. 6 seed. All I know is that if Wright gets back in time for the tournament, and Georgetown plays to their potential, they could be one of the most dangerous six seeds in recent memory.

George Mason just had its winning streak snapped in the conference tournament, but it is still in very strong position with a No. 9 seed. The bad news? It would be scheduled to play Villanova in the first round. Villanova has been ranked for much of the season and would present more problems than one would expect in the traditional eight/nine game.

Richmond has played well towards the latter part of the season, and is comfortably in the field with a No. 11 seed. But it too has a matchup from the Big East against Cincinnati in the first round. Never a comforting site.

Virginia Tech is in a little bit of trouble after losing to Clemson this weekend. But if they perform admirably, or even up to expectations, they should make the field as an at-large team. If they can manage to get a real quality win or two in the Conference tournament, than they should be in.

Of course, all of this could change by tomorrow. But this is where we stand today. We'll be updating this stream with all the latest news about Bracketology as Selection Sunday grows nearer.