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Big East Tournament 2011: UConn Leads DePaul 45-28 At The Half

If I told you that at halftime of a Big East Conference Tournament game, Kemba Walker would only have seven points and just as many turnovers as assists, it might be easy to assume that things aren't going so great for the Huskies. Well, luckily for them, they are playing the lowest seeded team in the fieldin DePaul, who is missing arguably their best player. So even without much of a contribution from Walker, UConn still leads DePaul 45-28 at halftime.

UConn has gotten a great offensive contribution from one of their starting guards, but it is freshman Jeremy Lamb, not Walker, that is carrying the Huskies. Lamb finished the half with 17 points, which is the difference between the two squads conveniently enough. He finished the half 6-8 from the field, with one of his misses coming on a desperation tip in attempt at the buzzer, so we won't hold that one against him.

The biggest advantage UConn has had is on the glass. They have so much more size than DePaul and it's showing. They have 27 rebounds to DePaul's 12, with eight of those boards coming on the offensive end. They have also more than twice as many free throw attempts, which doesn't hurt.

This wasn't a tough matchup on paper, but UConn doesn't appear to be messing around. If they can pull out the win they would face Georgetown tomorrow. That would be a tough matchup for the Hoyas who might not have anyone to counter Walker with Chris Wright still on the shelf. We'll keep you updated on this game here.