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Big East Tournament 2011 Schedule And Bracket For Day 2

The 2011 Big East Tournament got underway yesterday, and action continues today at Madison Square Garden. The biggest game of the day today is Georgetown facing UConn in a game that starts at Noon. That game can be seen on ESPN. Here are the rest of the games, all games can be seen on ESPN.

Rutgers Vs. 18 St. John's, 2: St. John's has beaten more top-10 teams than anyone in the Country this year, but they have struggled with teams that are closer to their skill level. But this game is being played in Madison Square Garden, which is their home court, so that should help them tremendously.

South Florida Vs. Cincinnati, 7: This is kind of the dud game of the Second Round. Villanova would have been in this one if they hadn't blown the game against the Bulls yesterday. It's kind of a disappointment that one of these two teams has to be in the quarter-finals. Hopefully they won't last very much longer.

Marquette Vs. West Virginia, 9: Marquette is still on the bubble, and they might need another quality Tournament win to bolster their schedule. West Virginia is a pretty solid team, the definition of a Big East scrapper. If you're not tired of basketball at this point, it should be a good one.

Tomorrow's matchups will look like this.


Quarterfinals: Thursday, March 10

No. 1 Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Georgetown/UConn, noon, ESPN

No. 4 Syracuse Orange vs. St. John's/Seton Hall/Rutgers, 2, ESPN

No. 2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Cincinnati/Villanova/USF, 7, ESPN

No. 3 Louisville Cardinals vs. West Virginia/Marquette/Providence, 9, ESPN