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Big East Tournament 2011: Georgetown Getting Into Early Foul, UConn Leads 18-15

Georgetown is already in action in the 2011 Big East Tournament, as they play UConn and Kemba Walker at Madison Square Garden. UConn leads 18-15 with just over ten minutes to go in the first half.

The Hoyas are definitely missing Chris Wright early in this game. Not so much because of the defense on Kemba Walker (even though Walker is playing well early) but because of his ability to run the offense. Doris Burke pointed out a time when Austin Freeman had to tell Markel Starks where to line up. That's not so good.

The other big issue that the Hoyas are facing is foul trouble. Just ten minutes into the game, they already have six team fouls, including two on both Nate Lubick and Markel Starks. Julian Vaughn had to come to the bench early after picking up his first, but has since checked back in. The Hoyas can't afford to give points away to UConn at the free throw line, and they definitely can't afford to lose Vaughn on the inside. It could also be problematic if their point guards need to sit, considering the lack of depth at the position already.

Keep checking back for more updates from this contest.