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Big East Tournament 2011: Balanced Scoring Effort Has UConn Ahead Of Georgetown 42-30 At The Half

Georgetown is getting just about all they can handle in their second round matchup in the 2011 Big East Tournament. UConn has looked a step faster than them in all aspects of the game and holds a 42-30 lead at the half.

Kemba Walker has been great, but he isn't carrying UConn on his back. UConn has Five players have scored at least five points for the Huskies in the first half, led by Walker with 11. They have also taken ten more free throw attempts than the Hoyas in the first half, and that has helped them establish their lead.

As we expected, the Hoyas are trying to run most of their offense through Austin Freeman. He has nearly half of their points with 14. He is playing pretty well, but if they don't get some support from some of his teammates they could fall behind even further in the second half.

For inspiration, Georgetown needs to look no further than UConn's game against DePaul yesterday. The Huskies had a comfortable lead at the half in that one, but DePaul came out in the second half with a different level of intensity and was able to reduce the Huskies' lead down to handful of points. They ran out of gas, and the Huskies ran away from them, but Georgetown can learn from that example. If they come out with more effort on the defensive end, and starting hitting their shots, particularly three-pointers, at a higher rate, there is no reason they can't get themselves back into this game in a hurry.