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Big East Tournament 2011: Georgetown Struggling In Second Half, Now Trail UConn 61-45

Georgetown is playing their first game in the 2011 Big East Tournament, and the way things are shaping up, it will also be their last. Georgetown was down 12 points at the half, but the are struggling so far in the second frame and their deficit continues to grow. They now trail UConn 61-45.

The story of this game continues to be Kemba Walker. He has gotten pretty much anywhere on the court that he wants to and leads all scorers with 20 points. Georgetown has struggled to stay in front of him all day, and too many of his points are coming at the rim. When they do shut him off, Walker is getting help from a number of his teammates who are consistently making baskets.

Austin Freeman carried Georgetown in the first half, but has not been successful at all in the second half. As I type this, Austin Freeman rattles in a free throw for his first point of the second half. He scored almost half of Georgetown's points in the first half, and they need his production to stay in the game.

Georgetown isn't playing well enough on offense or defense to inspire any confidence that they can come back. There is plenty of time left for them to make up the deficit, but they need to play a little bit better for that to even be considered a legitimate possibility.