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Big East Tournament 2011: St. John's Tops Rutgers, 65-63, In Game Marred By Officiating Failure


St. John's will move on to the 2011 Big East Tournament quarterfinals after edging No. 13 seed Rutgers, 65-63, but the story after the game is an officiating gaffe that cost Rutgers a chance to tie the score. 

The Scarlet Knights turned it over with just seconds remaining on an inbound pass, giving St. John's a chance to run out the clock. Justin Brownlee chose to run to the sidelines and throw the ball into the stands. The only problem? There was still 1.7 seconds remaining, as this photo indicates. Brownlee stepped out of bounds at this point, which should have given Rutgers the ball back. The officials completely missed the call and let the clock run out, ending the game.

The moment was particularly damaging because this likely ends Rutgers' season. The Scarlet Knights will have to hang their hats on an opening-round win over No. 12 seed Seton Hall and a competitive performance against a very good St. John's team on its home court. 

The Red Storm will face No. 4 seed Syracuse Thursday at 2:30 p.m. That will take place after No. 1 seed Pittsburgh takes on No. 9 seed Connecticut. The Huskies rolled over No. 8 seed Georgetown 79-62 earlier Wednesday.

(Photo via MockSession)