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Harold Bell Makes Several Accusations Against Georgetown's John Thompson Jr.

Former Georgetown coach John Thompson Jr. is a legend around Washington D.C. and nationally, but he is also a controversial figure whose methods have created many enemies over the years. Still, none of those enemies had the audacity to do what Harold Bell did over the weekend. Bell, a longtime radio host, media member and prominent African American community activist, eviscerated Thomspon in this article.

It's hard to do the article justice by excerpting it, but essentially, Bell is annoyed Thompson gets credit for changing the way African Americans mattered in college basketball. In response to Jason Whitlock's FOX Sports article giving Thomspon credit, Bell decided to tee off on every single significant shortcoming he feels Thompson had, both professionally and personally.

Essentially, here are Bell's accusations:


  • He treated media poorly and therefore stunted the growth of African Americans.
  • He used Bell's radio program to promote his team, then fired Bell to hire a white announcer once he got a little bit of attention.
  • He cheated on his wife and stole the girlfriend of his longtime assistant coach.
  • He fired a longtime assistant coach, kicking him to the curb.
  • His NBA career, where he essentially backed up Bill Russell, wasn't noteworthy.
  • He was soft as a player.
  • He has no heart.
  • He used the "race card" to intimidate his players and everyone else.
  • Former player Fred Brown, who he hugged after his mistake cost the team the 1982 championship, has "X-rated" feelings for Thompson.
  • He hung a "John Thompson the n***** coach must go " banner himself after his second year to try to make him look better. This saved his job.
  • He took money under the table from NBA superagent David Falk.
  • David Falk stole money from his clients.
  • Thompson made money in many ventures, yet still played the "poor African American" card.
  • A two-part Washington Post series on these ventures was discontinued.
  • He lied about his story of staring down drug dealer and killer Rayful Edmond and told him to stay away from his players. In fact, he was freaked out.
  • He carved out a deal with Nike, where Bell used to work, by going over his head instead of working with him.
  • He stalked his ex-wife after she filed for divorce, hiding behind trees to intimidate her.
  • He funneled money illegally through his program.
  • He holds grudges.
Pretty all over the place, huh? Hate to break it to you, Harold, but I'm with Casual Hoya here - this reads like a letter from a "jilted lover" and will do nothing to hurt Thompson's reputation.