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Andre Drummond Narrows 2012 College Choices To Five, Georgetown On List

Andre Drummond, the No. 2 recruit in the Class of 2012, has narrowed his college choices to five schools, with Georgetown on the list.


Andre Drummond, the No. 2 rated basketball recruit in the Class of 2012, has narrowed his college choices down to five teams. Georgetown is apparently one of those five teams, according to a report by ESPN's Adam Finkelstein. The other four are Connecticut, West Virginia, Louisville and Kentucky.

"I have great respect for those coaching staffs," said Drummond. "They all have a chance to compete for a national championship, and they are committed to preparing their players for the next level."

Drummond has drawn comparisons to Dwight Howard and Amar'e Stoudemire over the past couple years and would arguably be the biggest recruit John Thompson III will have pulled in, with Greg Monroe a close second. However, there's a chance Drummond goes pro instead of going to college. He is enrolling in a prep school in Massachusetts after graduating high school in June, which would allow him to declare for the 2012 NBA Draft. For his part, Drummond says he is still considering his options.

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