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Chris Douglas-Roberts Tweets Fighting Strategy After Georgetown Basketball Brawl

Everyone has a take on the Georgetown basketball brawl in China, but few were as entertaining as that of NBA player Chris Douglas-Roberts. Douglas-Roberts usually has one of the more eclectic athlete Twitter personas around, and he proved it once again by providing fighting strategy to the Hoyas after watching the video of the brawl.

The tweets have since been deleted, but preserved them and has them for you here.



There's general fight strategy, which is entertaining in and of itself. More entertaining; the part where Douglas-Roberts went after freshman Otto Porter.



Poor Otto Porter. Such a pacifist. Douglas-Roberts apparently sent those out knowing he would eventually have to delete them, and followed through by deleting them and the tweet he sent out saying he'd delete them. It's too bad, because it'd be nice to see them preserved for posterity's sake.

Wait a minute, that's what sites like this one are there to do.