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Georgetown, Florida won't finish canceled carrier game

Georgetown and Florida were supposed to either finish or replay their season opener, after the second half of their game aboard the USS Bataan was canceled, but the teams could not agree on a date.

Chris Trotman

The Georgetown Hoyas will not resume the season-opening game with the Florida Gators, as the two schools could not mutually agree on a date to finish the game which was called at halftime.

The two squads were able to get in the first half of the game on the flight deck of the USS Bataan, however, with the score at 27-23, the game was cancelled due to moisture on the court that threatened player safety. Florida wanted to play the game on Jan. 2 or Jan. 3 in Jacksonville, where the Bataan had been docked for the game. But Georgetown thought that was too close to their Jan. 5 Big East opener, and would have preferred to play in late December. Coach John Thompson III also took issue with the location of the game, saying it should have been played at a more neutral site, such as a naval base in Virginia.

Of the three games intended to open the season Nov. 9 on aircraft carriers, none got off without a hitch: Ohio State-Marquette was cancelled, also due to moisture on the court, and Syracuse-San Diego State was postponed two days due to rain before a sloppily played 60-49 affair.