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College Basketball Ranking: Georgetown stays No. 15 in AP poll, rises two spots in coaches poll

The Hoyas didn't play last week, but that didn't stop them from moving up two spots in one of the men's college basketball polls.


Georgetown didn't play a game last week, but the Hoyas still managed to move up in the USA Today Coaches Poll.

At 10-1, Georgtown climbed two spots to No. 16 in the latest coaches poll. The Hoyas jumped ahead of San Diego State and UNLV who both lost their only game of the week. This is the second straight week Georgetown has moved up multiple spots in the coaches poll. The Hoyas jumped three spots last week. Their 281 points are also a significant increase from the 217 they received in last week's poll.

While Georgetown moved up in the coaches poll, they stayed at No. 15 in the Associated Press poll. While they did not move up in the rankings, the Hoyas did receive more points this week. After receiving 684 points in last week's poll, the Hoya's checked in with 718 points this week.

Maryland was not ranked this week but did receive five votes in each poll. The complete AP poll can be found here with the coaches poll here.