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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Georgetown's Hollis Thompson In Top 50 According To Draft Express

Georgetown Forward Hollis Thompson is starting to get noticed as an NBA prospect, what do people think are his big strength's?

After initially declaring after last season before deciding to ultimately return to play at Georgetown, forward Hollis Thompson currently stands as the No. 50 prospect on in their most recent updated list. The list of course is subject to change depending on how Thompson improves and who ends up deciding to withdraw their name from consideration in the NBA Draft.

The big selling point on Thompson, according to DraftExpress, is his ability to shoot the basketball.

As an NBA prospect, Thompson's calling card is his perimeter shooting, where he's proven to be outstanding, knocking down a career-high 48% from 3-point range this season, despite an increase in attempts. He has textbook form, deep range, and a quick release, which along with his size at 6'8", allow him to get off his shot without needing much space. Thompson ranks as one of the best shooters in college basketball, which in and of itself is enough to put him firmly on the NBA radar.

Thompson's stock could rise or fall depending on what happens in the coming months, in addition there is the possibility that he will remain at Georgetown for his senior season. Regardless of his decision, it won't be surprising to see Thompson in some kind of NBA uniform in the near future.