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Maryland-Georgetown Rivalry: Kevin Anderson Reaffirms Georgetown Ban In Facebook Statement

It would seem that Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson has doubled down on his decree to keep Georgetown off all of Maryland's varsity sports schedules until the Hoyas and Terrapins meet in men's basketball.

In a statement that was posted on Maryland's official Facebook page (though we don't see it there now), Anderson said:

The interest that has arisen from area fans regarding our discussions about possible men’s basketball games between Maryland and Georgetown confirms the idea is a good one. The reaction from Maryland fans we’ve heard from has been overwhelmingly positive [and] the financial benefits to both institutions cannot be ignored. It is not our desire to continue this discussion in the media. We look forward to working with Coach [Mark] Turgeon and our colleagues at Georgetown University, to see if we can overcome whatever obstacles exist and turn this hope into a reality that will benefit both institutions when the time is right

Well, then.

Liz Clarke spotlights what would be the final inter-varsity match-ups between the two teams if Anderson sticks to his guns.

Maryland and Georgetown met this season in women’s basketball, women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, and men’s tennis. The men’s soccer teams scrimmaged last fall. The men’s lacrosse teams are scheduled to face off at Georgetown on Friday night, which will apparently be the last varsity contest between the universities for the foreseeable future.