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NCAA Bracket 2012 Reactions: Georgetown Expects To Be The Upset Victim Pick

The Georgetown Hoyas earned a 3 seed in the 2012 NCAA Tournament and will face off against the 14 seed Belmont Bruins. The Hoyas haven't had much success in the NCAA Tournament as of late and SB Nation's Georgetown blog Casual Hoya expects plenty to be picking against the Hoyas.

There will be plenty of analysts on TV and the internet that will predict a Georgetown loss to Belmont, we've already seen Seth Davis and others do so. And frankly, it is an easy and lazy choice because of our recent tournament history. But let's step back for a second and applaud this year's team for a season that has outperformed all of our wildest expectations.

The Hoyas have made six of the last seven NCAA Tournaments, but have been bounced out much earlier than expected in some of them.

For more on this matchup and the impending March Madness season, check out SB Nation's college hoops hub. Stay tuned to SB Nation DC for more Hoyas recaps, previews and news updates. For more news, analysis, and discussion on Georgetown and their tournament run, visit Casual Hoya. Brackets on the brain? Us too! Play Yahoo! Tourney Pick'em and be a part of the craziest month of college basketball. It is fun, easy, and free.