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And Now, Your Jack The Bulldog Health Update

You might recall that there was a big to-do last week when Georgetown's adorable mascot Jack the Bulldog suffered a torn "dog ACL" on Selection Sunday. At the time, the injury was taken as a bad omen for Georgetown's chances in the NCAA Tournament, even though Jack wasn't going to be traveling to Columbus with the team. (Nor would he have traveled to St. Louis if the Hoyas had made it that far).

Jack's keeper, Father Christopher Steck, has been very good about keeping the public updated on Jack's condition, and he was at it again Thursday afternoon.

And one more update:

So there we are. Assuming all goes well, and no complications ensue, odds are fairly good that Jack will be scampering around the Verizon Center floor during the 2012-13 season. And isn't that just a massive relief?