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VIDEO: Introducing Jack Jr., The Future Georgetown Mascot

Because it's Friday, and because we've already devoted some coverage to the injury-ridden plight of Georgetown's Jack the Bulldog mascot, and because we're not too proud to shamelessly exploit small animals for clickbait, it only seems fair that we devote some time to his soon-to-be successor, Jack Jr.

According to Georgetown's official Jack the Bulldog page (I know, just go with it), the little guy is coming to D.C. from Southern California and is a gift from two Georgetown parents, Janice and Marcus Hochstetler. He will be officially unveiled ... wait, no, he's not a statue ... will be officially presented ... no, wait, he's not a debutante ... will be officially introduced on April 13.

After the jump ... OMG PUPPIEZ!!!111

Apparently, Jack Jr. will live with his elder and mentor under the care of Father Christopher Steck.The elder Jack is scheduled to have surgery on his torn "dog ACL" later this spring and should still be at Verizon Center to delight the public next basketball season.

Video Via Georgetown Today.