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VIDEO: Henry Sims Leads Georgetown University Flash Mob

You know, sometimes we worry about our brethren over at Casual Hoya. First, Georgetown's NCAA Tournament ended with an unexpected loss to a lower-seeded team in N.C. State. Then, they lost out on the most-hyped recruit since Patrick Ewing when Nerlens Noel went to Kentucky.

So, it hasn't been a great couple months for them. Sure, there's an adorable new mascot puppy to coo over, and the Hoyas still have a shot at Devonta Pollard, who is expected to announce his college decision next week.

In the meantime, there are videos of Henry Sims leading a flash mob on Georgetown's campus.

Well done, everybody. We particularly like the use of the side-to-side rock, which we've employed countless times ourselves.

For more on the Hoyas, visit SB Nation's Georgetown blog, Casual Hoya. Seriously, they could use the company and maybe a couple laughs. No pressure or anything, but if you know any good jokes, this would be the time to try them out.