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Georgetown Basketball Recruiting: Nerlens Noel To Make His College Decision On April 11

Highly touted prospect Nerlens Noel will make his college decision official on April 11 according to a post on his blog on

I've decided to announce my decision a week from today on ESPN, so I've got a lot of thinking to do between now and then. And I've heard the rumors about me making a decision already. That's not true. Rumors are rumors, what can you do, but just know that I'm far from a decision no matter what you hear.

Noelis not only receiving interest from the Georgetown Hoyas, but also for the national champion Kentucky Wildcats and the Syracuse Orange. His size, 6'10", remind a lot of people of Kentucky's Anthony Davis with how he can take over a game with his size on defense. Noel is bound to be a highly watched player regardless where he goes but if he goes to Georgetown, he goes to a school that has a reputation of producing some of the best big men in college basketball.

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