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A Look At Incoming Freshman From Maryland Basketball's Media Day

I pay attention to Maryland's media day for two reasons.The first and less important is to see f they have made any changes to their jersey which seems to be evolving rather quickly over the past few years. They have new duds this year, and you can see them in this gallery at the Baltimore Sun. I think they are much simpler than they have been and I love them. I will finally be replacing my Steve Blake jersey this year.

The second reason is to check out what the class of incoming freshman look like. I pretty much know what I have with the returners, it's the new guys I really want to see. This year Maryland has a handful of guys who could make significant impacts early in their career. You can see them in the gallery above and you can hear what some of their new teammates had to say about them after the jump.

Maryland has five freshman on the roster this year but there are three that seem like they could contribute right away; Mychal Parker, Pe'Shon Howard and Terrell Stoglin. Parker came in as the biggest name in the class, but Pe'Shon was identified by Adrian Bowie as the player who could make a big early impact, according to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.

"They all can play", Adrian Bowie was pressed to predict which of the newcomers might have the most immediate impact. "Probably Pe'Shon (Howard)," Bowie said of the 6-3, 195-pound combination guard who played at Oak Hill. "He can really shoot it and he has a knack for scoring."

The Terps lost both Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes after last season so any contributions to the backcourt will be welcome.Sean Mosley echoed the sentiment.

"I love Pe’ Shon (Howard). He’s a very physical player, and he can shoot the ball."

Parker and Stoglin received praise as well, but it seems Howard got most of the headlines. A combo guard who has good size and can shoot is exactly what this team next to Sean Mosely. Hopefully Pe'Shon can develop into that type of player.