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Maryland Vs. Clemson: Jamie Harper's One-Yard Touchdown Gives Tigers 17-7 Lead

The Clemson Tigers took little time to capitalize on Travis Baltz missed field goal. They marched 80 yards up the field, finally getting into the end zone on a one-yard run by Jamie Harper on fourth and goal. They now lead 17-7.

A long catch and run by Harper on a broken play put the Tigers in Maryland territory, and a pass interference call on the Terps on a ball that may have been uncatchable put the Tigers close to the red zone. Clemson then converted two key third and shorts, one on a short pass to get to the 14-yard line, then on a quarterback sneak by Kyle Parker to get to the three-yard line. Maryland stuffed the Tigers on the first three goal-line plays, but the Tigers decided to go for it and got in when Harper pushed forward on a second effort.