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Maryland Vs. Clemson: Danny O'Brien Throws Interception, Likely Seals Game For Tigers

Facing a 24-7 deficit, the Maryland Terrapins needed to start taking some chances if they wanted to get back into the game. Unfortunately for Terps fans, that often results in turnovers, which is exactly what happened to Danny O'Brien. His pass into double coverage was picked off by DeAndre McDanlei, and with 10:48 left in the fourth quarter, that should pretty much do it.

It was O'Brien's first career interception in 96 pass attempts.

Maryland had a chance to make the game really interesting on the previous Clemson drive. Adrian Moten jumped Clemson's route in the flat, and had the chance to pick off the pass and return it for a touchdown. But he juggled and later dropped the pass, preventing Maryland from getting back into the game.