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Want To Know Everything About Maryland AD Kevin Anderson's New Contract?

If so, then you've got to head over to D1Scourse, where Patrick Stevens breaks the whole thing down. Apparently, the University of Maryland made it all public now after a public records request was made in September. 


(UPDATE: To clarify, the state of Maryland has 30 days to respond to said requests, so this fits right in that timeline).


Anderson will make slightly more than his predecessor, Debbie Yow, as he's eligible to receive $461,815 guaranteed as opposed to the $448,374 Yow received in her final contract. This places Anderson near the top of the food chain among ACC athletic directors. He also gets a bunch of other bonuses, allowances and such, including a $900 car allowance per month, which sounds way more awesome than I'm sure it is. 


Funny how nobody seems to make public records requests into my contract ... * frown face. *