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Nick Faust Officially Commits To Maryland

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It's now official. Saying, point blank, that he would be a part of a team that would win a national championship, Nick Faust officially committed to Maryland today on a television program on ESPNU.

Faust, a top-50 shooting guard from Baltimore, chose Maryland over Villanova and Florida State, both of whom were hot after him. He also is a visual representation of the improved Maryland-Baltimore pipeline, something that begun with the summer hire of assistant coach Bino Ranson. Faust is also the highest-ranked recruit to commit to Maryland since Mike Jones back in 2003. 

Testudo Times writes that Faust's commitment represents a huge shift for the program.

Besides the obvious awesomeness here, there's some geographical significance here. Maryland's always had a love-hate relationship with Baltimore, which consistently puts out some amazing talent (recently, Josh Selby andRoscoe Smith), and Faust is the first time in a long time that B-More's top recruit will head to College Park. This may be the first of hopefully many fruits from the hire of Bino Ranson, a former AAU director of a Baltimore AAU team. The commitment will hopefully give Maryland some credibility, in Baltimore in particular but also nationally.

Enjoy him, Terps fans.