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Wake Forest Vs. Maryland: Torrey Smith's 17-Yard Touchdown Gives Terps A 10-0 Lead

On Maryland's last drive, Danny O'Brien had a chance to set up wide receiver Torrey Smith for a touchdown, but missed him. This time, O'Brien did not miss Torrey Smith. 

O'Brien hung in the pocket despite the pressure and dropped a nifty pass to Smith for a 17-yard touchdown, giving Maryland a 10-0 lead. O'Brien showed remarkable patience in standing in the pocket as the route developed despite getting pressured by two Wake Forest defenders, and displayed brilliant touch in dropped the ball into the zone for Smith to catch it. The Maryland coaching staff has a ton of faith in O'Brien, and that last play shows you why.

Maryland's drive was prolonged by a Wake Forest penalty on a third and 3 from midfield. The Terps eventually got the ball inside the red zone, setting up O'Brien's brilliant pass. Wake Forest now has the ball and is driving down the field looking to get back into the game.