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Wake Forest Vs. Maryland: Second Blocked Punt Leads To Another Terps Touchdown

This time, the Maryland Terrapins were able to capitalize on a big special teams play. Earlier in the game, they were only able to get a field goal after a blocked punt. This time, they got a touchdown.

Nick Peterson leaped over two Wake Forest defenders to block a punt, and Maryland got the ball in the end zone two plays later when Danny O'Brien found Haroon Brown for a four-yard touchdown. Maryland now leads Wake Forest 24-7, and looks well on their way to earning their sixth win of the season.

Peterson made a spectacular play to get the blocked punt. He raced through the line, and then climbed over two Wake Forest players to get a hand on the ball. The Terps recovered at the 12-yard line, and after a run by Davin Meggett, O'Brien bootlegged, rolled out and found Brown on a short pass for the touchdown. O'Brien now has three touchdowns on the day.