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College Football Rankings: Maryland Mentioned In USA Today NCAA Football Poll

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As hard as it is to believe after the season Maryland had last year, the Terps are getting closer and closer to being ranked in most of the major polls. We already discussed how they were receiving votes in the AP Poll, and it appears they are getting the same respect in the USA Today version of the rankings.

In terms of actual points, the Terps are still pretty far away from being included in the top 25. They only have 9 points, while the 25th ranked North Carolina State scored 96. But even though it seems like they are pretty far away from inclusion, just being mentioned on the list is a tremendous accomplishment for this club.

They received the fifth most points of the teams included in the "others receiving votes" category, which means that in the eyes of the voters they are the 30th best team in the country. I know that is not technically how the rankings work, but that is basically what that means. Coming off a 2-10 season, getting any votes at all is awfully impressive.

If they can continue to win, they have a pretty good chance to be named one of the top 25 teams in the country at some point during the season.