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Week 11 ACC College Football Picks: How The North Carolina St.-Wake Forest Game Affects Maryland

The Game: Wake Forest Deamon Deacons Vs. North Carolina State Wolf Pack (four names for both teams? Don't see that every day)

Where It Will Be Played: Raleigh, NC. The Home of the Wolf Pack

And When Did You Say That Was, Again?: Saturday at 2 p.m.

Where You Can See It: ESPN3

The Odds: NC St. the heavy, heavy favorite at +18.5

What It Means For Maryland: Right now Maryland and NC St. are tied for second in the ACC's Atlantic division with a 3-2 record in conference. Maryland fans will want Wake Forest to win so that the Terps have the opportunity to gain ground on the Wolf Pack even before they have the opportunity to play them.

Prediction: Let's be honest, Wake Forest is not going to win this game. We saw them play against Maryland and the Terps hung a 60 spot on them. Behind quarterback Russell Wilson, the Wolf Pack has an even more explosive offense then the Terps do, and also have the benefit of home field advantage. I can't see Wake Forest hanging around for very long in this game, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one was all but over by half time. I'm taking the Wolf Pack (even giving away nearly 20 points if you plan on betting on it) to win big. 55-21 Wolf Pack.