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Maryland Offensive Lineman Pete DeSouza Will Be Released From The Hospital On Friday

It's been about three weeks since Pete DeSouza broke both of his legs in a scooter accident. According to Patrick Stevens at D1scourse, DeSouza will be released from the hospital on Friday. DeSouza had started the last three games at right tackle before his accident, and the Maryland team has really felt his absence.

Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen, who has visited with DeSouza on several Sundays since DeSouza was involved in an Oct. 21 on-campus scooter accident, said the redshirt freshman does not have a cast or sutures remaining in his legs. DeSouza has kept up with his teammates through text messages and watching games on his computer.

"He's a very likable kid, and the kids really love him," Friedgen said. "I'm hoping we get him back. We miss him right now."

DeSouza is obviously out for the rest of the season, but has already started his rehabbing process which has been described as "lengthy."