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Maryland Vs. Virginia: Cavaliers Take 3-0 Lead On Robert Randolph's 35-Yard Field Goal

The Virginia Cavaliers have drawn first blood in this key rivalry game against the Maryland Terrapins. After the Terps went three and out on their first possession, Virginia got the ball into the red zone and settled for a 35-yard field goal by Robert Randolph to take a 3-0 lead.

The Cavaliers marched down the field using a series of bootlegs and swing passes. Tight End Paul Freedman caught a short pass and scampered down the field for a 16-yard gain. Then, running back Perry Jones caught an 11-yard screen pass for a first down, a play that was followed by a 15-yard late hit penalty on the Terps. That brought the ball to the 20-yard line.

But then the drive stalled. Virginia was called for a five-yard penalty, then had a pass dropped on the 10-yard line. After a three-yard gain on third and 10, the Cavaliers kicked the field goal.